To All Current Students


In addition to this homepage, there is also a Bulletin Board announcing classes, lectures, scholarships, and more, outside Room #528 on the 5th floor of the Faculty of Science’s Main Building. Regularly check the announcements on the Bulletin Board to get the information you need.

About Our Classes


Students may register for a maximum number of 20 credits per semester. It is recommended to nake a class schedule that is neither too heavy nor too light, and register within the specified registration period in order to start attending classes. The prerequisite for joining a laboratory for the graduate research project is to have completed a total of 80 credits by the second term of the third year. For course inquiries, speak with the faculty member in charge of your current year of studies.

About Joining a Laboratory


In the second term of their third year, students of the Biology Program join a laboratory to conduct their graduate research project. The students themselves choose which laboratory they would like to belong to, but this choice must also be approved by the faculty member in charge.

Ordinarily, students are sent multiple questionnaires during the second term (each March) of their second year to help decide which laboratories they are interested in. In addition to this, it is important that each individual student visits prospective laboratories to speak with faculty members about their graduation research project. Some students have difficulty thinking of a project that they are interested in, but speaking to faculty members can often help greatly. Students are strongly advised to visit the laboratories they are interested in joining. When doing so, be sure to remember to make an appointment prior to seeing the faculty member (see the Faculty Page for contact information).

Career Paths


Career paths following graduation from a four-year university can be divided into two large categories: those who decide to join the general work force and those who move on to graduate school. Students who wish to work after graduation should devise a plan to find a job based in their field and area of business they are interested in. However, note that excessive job hunting in regions outside Okinawa Prefecture can hinder the progress of your graduation research project. Please keep in mind that it will be impossible for you to graduate if you take your graduation research project lightly, as this is a very important part of your education in the Biology Program. Though you may wish to work following graduation, please do not forget that you must finish your university studies first, including your graduation research project.

Ordinarily, entrance examinations for continuing on to the University of the Ryukyus’ Graduate School of Engineering and Science take place in summer. Prior to examinations, be sure to consult well with the faculty members, and then prepare for your test after obtaining the proper authorization. Some people may choose to go on to graduate schools at other universities. In such cases, be sure to consult with your current academic advisor.

Health Management

Attending university requires both mental and physical health, so it is important to make sure that you stay on a regular schedule and take care of your health on a day-to-day basis. As well, be sure to get regular health checkups, which are offered at the university during the academic year. Should you have any health issues, feel free to talk to the faculty member(s) in charge for your current academic year or the faculty member(s) that you are affiliated with, and if necessary visit the Health Center. If you need to take time off from your studies for unavoidable reasons, remember to complete the necessary paperwork and procedures that will enable you to return smoothly.

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