An Overview of Our Laboratories

Ecology and Systematics
Faculty Member Name Laboratory Overview  
Professor Tetsuo Denda Ancestry and evolution of grasses and trees of the Ryukyu Archipelago Comprehensive Overview
Professor Yasuhiro Kubota Biodiversity maintenance mechanism of plant association Comprehensive Overview
Professor Haruko Kurihara Relationships between changes in artificial marine environments and marine life Comprehensive Overview
Associate Professor Takashi Nakamura Fundamentals of coral and ecological physiology of coral reef organisms Comprehensive Overview
Assistant Professor Shun Kobayashi Animal ecology / Pollination ecology Comprehensive Overview
Assistant Professor Takahiro Hirano Evolutionary ecology, conservation, and taxonomy of mollusks Comprehensive Overview
Associate Professor (Specially Appointed) Takayuki Shiono Biodiversity science, Macroecology Comprehensive Overview
Cell and Functional Biology
Faculty Member Name Laboratory Overview  
Professor Euichi Hirose Morphology and the life of marine invertebrates (especially tunicates) Comprehensive Overview
Professor Hideo Yamasaki Stress tolerability and adaptive mechanism of living organisms Comprehensive Overview
Professor Joji Otaki Butterfly color pattern formation, phenotypic plasticity and evolution, biological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident, and protein bioinformatics. Comprehensive Overview
Associate Professor Ryuuichi Itoh Plastid differentiation and morphogenesis Comprehensive Overview
Associate Professor Atsuko Tanaka Algal cell biology and physiology Comprehensive Overview
Marine Biology and Coral Reef Studies
Faculty Member Name Laboratory Overview  
Professor Shoichiro Suda Phycology Comprehensive Overview
Professor Yuzuru Ikeda Behavior and natural history of cephalopods
(squid, octopus, etc.)
Comprehensive Overview
Professor Akihiro Takemura Reproduction and use of environment by coral reef life Comprehensive Overview
Life history of fish and research on the course of life of fish Comprehensive Overview
Professor Hideyuki Imai Molecular population genetics of fish and shellfish for conservation and management Comprehensive Overview
Professor James Davis Reimer Ecology, taxonomy, and diversity of cnidarians and coral reef invertebrates Comprehensive Overview
Assistant Professor Keita Koeda Ecology, taxonomy, and diversity of fish Comprehensive Overview
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