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Shiono Laboratory
Faculty Member Associate Professor (Specially Appointed) Takayuki Shiono
Phone Extension 8561
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About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We collect distribution data of terrestrial and marine organisms through existing literature and field surveys to create biodiversity big data. In addition to the distribution data, We analyze environmental factor data such as climate, topography, and land use, as well as satellite image data, to create high-resolution, high-precision species distribution maps for various taxa and visualize biodiversity. Furthermore, We aim to clear the formation and maintenance mechanisms of biodiversity by integration analyzing various data such as phylogenetic data, functional data, fossil distribution data, and paleoclimatic data. Using biodiversity information, We are also working on social implementation of biodiversity science, such as optimal allocation of conservation area, risk assessment of invasive alien species, quantitative evaluation of the effects of nature restoration through greening projects, and impact evaluation of corporate activities on biodiversity.

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