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Izawa Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Masako Izawa
Phone Extension 8541
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Recommeneded Courses for Prospective Students

Animal Ecology, Ecology and Systematics Laboratory IV, Biology Field Work Laboratory, other lectures and laboratories on ecology

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

Our laboratory engages mainly in the study of ecology of land mammals and birds, behavioral ecology, and research based on field work, observation of animals in captivity, and analyses of samples collected in the field.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

We conduct research on mammal homes ranges, environmental utilization, social structure, breeding behavior, feeding habits; on breeding behavior of birds and their social structure, etc. Animals that students have researched for student graduation projects include the Iriomote wild cat, the Tsushina leopard cat, the flying-fox, Cervus nippon keramae, different types of mice, the blue rock thrush, and more.

Prospective students should be....

We are looking for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and who like wild animals, who can actively perform field work on their own, who can operate with common sense, and who are capable of persevering on a given theme.

*Students who wish to do field work should complete as many credits as they can by their third year.

*It is optimal to do your research project over a period of one year, spanning the four seasons. Once you have a topic, please begin your research as soon as possible.

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