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Denda Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Tetsuo Denda
Phone Extension 8545
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Plant Morphology and Anatomy, Plant Taxonomy, Ecology and Systematcis Laboratory I・II

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We use molecular phylogeny to answer questions on phylogenetic taxonomy and species differentiation routes of tracheophytes indigenous to the Ryukyu Archipelago.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research:
1) Differentiation routes of Solenogyne mikadoi (asteraceae)
2) In addition, for each island of the Ryukyu Archipelago, we strive to clarify the differentiation process of all taxonomic groups where morphological variation occurs.

Prospective students should be....

The research process includes collecting plant specimens and other outdoor field work. We are looking for students who have the flexibility to adapt to both outdoor field work and indoor experiments as necessary, and who also have the kind of personality to continuously persevere in this work.

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