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Kubota Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Yasuhiro Kubota
Phone Extension 8561
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Recommeneded Courses for Prospective Students

Lectures and laboratories on the study of ecology include Plant Physiognomy, Ecology and Systematics Laboratory V, Biology Field Laboratory, etc.

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

Terrestrial ecosystem biocenology: This area is primarily focused on plants (forests), but we also examine the interaction between plants and animals, elucidating ecological phenomena based on analysis of data collected during field work. Mathematical models are used for simulation and analysis of ecological phenomena.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research:
1) Evaluating biodiversity of subtropical forests,
2) Maintenance mechanisms of population dynamics and plant association of plant species inhabiting subtropical forests,
3) Habitation suitability for forest animals,
4) Maintenance mechanisms and conservation of forest associations in various climactic zones including boreal forests, cool-temperate forests, warm-temperate forests, etc.

Prospective students should be....

We are looking for individuals who enjoy field work and who like to operate in a range of field environments spanning from north to south. We also need people who like to analyze data on computers--even if such individuals do not particularly like field work, as well as people interested in mathematical models.

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