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Nakamura Laboratory
Faculty Member Associate Professor Takashi Nakamura
Phone Extension 8897
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About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We conduct physiological ecology research with a view to coral reef conservation and restoration--on the impact of environmental stress on symbiotic systems, and explore possibilities of curbing the stresses caused by coral bleaching.

Approaches to conducting studies on coral reef environments involve both indoor experiments and field work. We stress the importance of effectively using both of these means to clarify points impossible to be clarified with just one of these methods alone.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Instead of choosing a topic given to them by a supervisor, students are encouraged to devise an original topic based on questions they find from their field work.

Areas of research: the reciprocal relationship between gnawing by fish on massive Porites and coral growth; competition and mutual cognition between soft corals and ordinary corals (Galaxea fasicularis); and GFP distribution patterns for in the coral Goniastrea aspera.

Prospective students should be....

Over these past several decades, environmental changes have taken place at a pace never before experienced by species existing today. With this in mind, our laboratory utilizes the coral reefs surrounding subtropical Okinawa as our primary research field. We welcome students who wish to consider and study the organisms and their environments of this region, and the relationships between humans and the natural environment.

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