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Hirose Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Euichi Hirose
Phone Extension 8880
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Recommeneded Courses for Prospective Students

Courses Students Should Review: Invertebrate Zoology, Cell Biology, Phycology

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We conduct research on tunicates (particularly colonial ascidians)--specifically the topics of the diverse structure and cellular function of tunic (symbiosis, self/nonself recognition, biological defenses, etc.), mainly from a morphological approach. Recently, our focus is on taxonomy and distribution of colonial ascidiants coexisting with algae, as well as modes of algal transportation mechanism by larvae.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research:
1) Morphology and function of ascidian tunic, tunic cells (strong acid retention, ultraviolet absorption, symbiosis with prokaryotic green algae, etc.), as well as taxonomy and morphology of colonial ascidiants and pelagic tunicates,
2) Upon request, research topics such as the study of the various phenomena associated with other small marine invertebrates from a morphological perspective are also possible. Note that in such cases students must take the initiative in identification of research materials and bibliographic surveying.

Prospective students should be....

We are looking for prospective students who are interested in tunicates and who can be patient with arduous field work. We also need good swimmers, particularly for collecting pelagic tunicates.

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