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Yamasaki Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Hideo Yamasaki
Phone Extension 8550
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Environmental Adaptation Physiology, Tropical Life Function Laboratory

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

Environmental Stress Tolerance
We work to elucidate the environmental adaptation mechanisms of organisms lacking the ability to move (tracheophytes, coral, etc.). In particular, we conduct research on the generation and elimination of active carbon and active nitrogen on the cellular level. This research field is not limited to any specific methodologies—which means our research requires a flexible and broad-based learning approach (e.g. biochemistry, bionomy, molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, ecology, morphology, spectroscopy, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry).

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Photonic synthesis systems of hermatypic coral, cellular biology of symbiotic nitrogen-fixated organisms, Chinese medicine and plant physiology

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We are looking for people who seek inspiration and something to be passionate about.

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