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Faculty Member Associate Professor Joji Otaki
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Molecular Physiology, Cell and Functional Biology Laboratory V

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

Molecular Developmental Physiology
1) We try to elucidate the formation process(es) of butterfly color patterns. In particular, we study the impact of environmental factors on differentiation and the mechanism(s) behind the phenotypic coordination of color patterns throughout the wing.
2) We study the olfactory nerve cells of mice, in particular nerve regeneration and odor receptors. Experimental methodology includes morphological observation; statistical analyses; histological staining; DNA, RNA, and protein extraction; DNA recombination; PCR, etc.
3) We study protein sequences bioinformatically and biochemically.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research: Molecular phylogenetics, genetic diversity within species and between related species; analysis of cold shock treatment on color pattern modifications; morphological and statistical analysis of scale distribution patterns; analysis of olfactory receptor gene expression patterns on olfactory epithelium; analysis of gene expression changes in butterflies and olfactory neurons; proteome bioinformatics and biochemisty.

Prospective students should be....

We are looking for people who like living organisms and who have a broad array of interests ranging from molecules to ecosystems.

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