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Suda Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Shoichiro Suda
Phone Extension 8564
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Phycology, Marine Biology and Coral Reef Studies Laboratory IV, Inveterate Zoology, Cytology

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We conduct primarily basic research such as developing isolation and culturing methodology, elucidating the life cycle, phylogenetic classification, etc. of eukaryotic photosynthetic microbes (particularly algae), as well as prokaryotic photosynthetic microbes (particularly cyanobacteria). We are also actively engaged in applied research and collaborative research on topics such as securing gene resources and searching for useful materials from algae.

Our approach is conducted from a variety of angles, ranging from the laboratory to the field, including morphology, microscopic observation, and molecular genetic analyses.

Our research is conducted mainly on coral reefs, mangrove forests, and at seaside locations, but we also work in terrestrial water and terrestrial environments.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research:
1) Lineage and classification of Prasinophyceae on Okinawa and the coastlines of the other Ryukyu Islands,
2) Lineage and classification of the dinoflagellate genus on Okinawa and the coastlines of the other Ryukyu Islands,
3) Micro alga flora of the freshwater regions of Okinawa,
4) Ancestry of green algae sexual reproduction,
5) Coexistence of invertebrates and micro algae,
6) Freshwater red algae in Okinawa,
7) Other

Prospective students should be....

We seek students who can often attend our laboratory and who do not mind using microscopic equipment.

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