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Takemura Laboratory (Chronobiology Laboratory)
Faculty Member Professor Akihiro Takemura
Phone Extension 8993
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About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We research activity rhythms of fish species inhabiting coral reefs (diurnal, lunar, and annual cycles) from the standpoint of chronobiology. In particular we study control mechanisms of the lunar cycle environment (moonlight, tides, etc.)—which are an especially common characteristic of coral reef fish species—using physiological and molecular biological techniques. In addition, we study the relationships between clock gene oscillatory systems found in the brain/peripheral organs and circadian/circa lunar rhythms.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

The graduation research project can be either a topic that the student focuses on by laboratory experiments or a field work topic; in any case the project theme should be determined based on what the student wants to do. Graduation research topics for 2011 were as follows:

・Cloning and manifestation of Halichoeres trimaculatus neuropeptide hormones (AVT) receptors; artificially matured steroid hormone systems in blue damselfish ovaria; identification of immunohistology in brain light receptor proteins of damselfish; analysis of clock gene patterns in damselfish ovaria; test tube derivations in sex reversal of fish.

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We are delighted to welcome students who have an interest in biology.
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