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Tachihara Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Katsunori Tachihara
Phone Extension 8556
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The optimal approach to studies is to take a variety of subjects without a disproportionate emphasis on any one of them.

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We conduct research on the life history of fish, working to understand the life cycles of fish based on both outdoor specimen collection and observation/breeding. If a fish is a researchable specimen, students are free to research anything from the dwarf goby to the blue marlin, on topics including taxonomic grouping, freshwater and seawater, large or small fish, common or rare species. Any species is appropriate as long as it lives in the Ryukyu Archipelago and research is feasible.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Research topics on the life history of fish:
1) Age identification of fish and growth,
2) Maturation and breeding period of fish,
3) Breeding biology and breeding behavior of fish,
4) Morphological transformation accompanying the development of eggs and the growth of larvae and juveniles,
5) Distribution and inclusion of wide-ranging fish,
6) Fish grouping patterns and feeding habits,
7) Fish fauna,
8) Impact of river improvement on fish,
9) Conservation of rare fish,
10) Resources and sustainable use of key marine resources

Prospective students should be....

Students should have an interest in fish (observing, researching, diving, fishing, catching, photographing, eating and drinking). Not everyone needs to be the clean-up batter or the ace of the team. We simply need the right person for the right job—and we want people to do the kind of research that suits them. However, note that we need team players! To amass data over the period of a year, students should begin their graduation research project starting in the second half of their third year. Interested students may participate starting from their first year.

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