An Overview of Our Laboratories

Reimer Laboratory (MISE: Molecular Invertebrate Systematics and Ecology Laboratory)
Faculty Member Professor James Davis Reimer
Phone Extension 8542
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Recommeneded Courses for Prospective Students

This department offers coral reef function studies, molecular biology studies, and more. Optimally, applicants will have basic knowledge in taxonomy. Students in our laboratory acquire a wide range of knowledge on biology.

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

We study the fields of ecology, biodiversity, taxonomy, and more, with a focus on the benthic organisms of the coral reef, particularly those that have not been well studied (zoanthids, octocorals, feather stars, etc.). Our research is conducted using molecular biology (phylogenetics), microscopy, histological sections, and field surveys by snorkeling and SCUBA. We are also conducting joint research with OIST using advanced next-generation sequencing machines and other approaches.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Some recent undergraduate research themes:
1) examining the differences between Zoanthus populations in shallow and deep water reefs;
2) assessing environmental conditions influencing the distribution of octocorals;
3) breeding ecology and reticulate evolution of Palythoa spp.;
4) distribution and breeding of the zoanthids on the Okinawa coastlines;
5) surveying environmental conditions influencing the distribution of snail worms coexisting with Porites coral.

Prospective students should be....

We welcome energetic students who like the ocean and who are highly curious about marine life. As for research approaches, students may focus on either indoor experiments or field work. We therefore do not require diving skills or a driver’s license.

Students should begin their graduation research project in the second half of their third year. See the following Laboratory page for details on what we do:

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