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Kurihara Laboratory
Faculty Member Professor Haruko Kurihara
Phone Extension 8695
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Recommeneded Courses for Prospective Students

Marine Environmental Biology, Ecology of System Function, Coral Reef Ecology, Coral Ecology

About Our Laboratory

Laboratory and Methods

Areas of research: Evaluation of climate change (ocean acidification and global warming) impacts on marine organisms and ecosystems by laboratory and field works.

Specific Graduation Research Project Themes

Areas of research:
1) Effects of ocean acidification on corals,
2) Effects of ocean acidification and global warming on sea urchins,
3) Impacts of ocean acidification on the interaction between sea urchin and sea grass,
4) Impacts of ocean acidification on Antarctic pteropods,
5) Evaluation of zooplankton community on the Ryukyu Archipelago

Prospective students should be....

We welcome students who love the ocean and marine organisms and are interested in environmental issues and conservation.

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